The present-day Public Institution: Center for Culture and Education Laktasi was founded in 1955. It is the organizer of various cultural programs – visual arts exhibitions and colonies, concerts of classical and ethno-music, theater performances, and festivals. It also organizes foreign language courses and computer literacy training courses.

 In 2003, a little-theater group Daske (i.e. Footlights) was set up within the Center, which has had a children’s group as well since 2007. With its performances, the group has won recognition at numerous festivals in B&H, Serbia, and Croatia.

 The Center and Drama Studio are the organizers of the competitive International Festival of Littletheater Groups in Laktasi, which has been gathering together little-theater groups from Serbia, Montenegro, Croatia, Slovenia, Federation of B&H, and the Republic of Srpska since 2006. 

As of 2009, the Center has also been organizing the art colony Lasta (i.e. Swallow) with the aim to stimulate visual art creativity in the municipality of Laktasi and the Republic of Srpska, to exchange experiences, and to establish cooperation with visual artists from all parts of the former Yugoslavia.

As of 2008, the Public Institution Center for Culture and Education has also been organizing the event: Comic-strip Salon.

 The Public Institution Public Library Veselin Maslesa, Laktasi, carries on the tradition originated in the beginning of the 20th century, when the first libraries popped up in the territory of Laktasi, specifically in the elementary schools in Maglajani, Drugovici, and Slatina.

 The first library in Laktasi proper was opened on April 24, 1950, and had the holdings of 417 books. The earthquake in 1969 interrupted its operation and, on April 1, 1972, it was restored under the name of Veselin Maslesa and in the premises of the newly founded People's University in Laktasi. It separated from the People's University in 1997 and since then, it has been operating under the name – Public Library Laktasi. Today, it is located in the building of the Center of Culture and Education and has the holdings of over 30 thousand library items classified into four departments:

 • The department for children with the holdings of around ten thousand books, which also manages the activities of the Creative Workshop and Reading Room – Fantasy Room, which stimulate and develop creativity, originality, imagination, artistic expression and, in particular, love of books and written word.

 • The department for adults has, within the holdings of around 20 thousand books, masterpieces of the world and our literature and professional literature, and it also has remarkable holdings of literature in foreign languages, particularly in English and French.

 • The reading room is divided in the study with the holdings of about two thousand selected titles of professional, reference books and eight computers at the disposal to the users, and the reading room containing periodicals with the rich holdings of daily and periodical publications, suited to different users.

 • The collection of the heritage fund has been collected and formed with special attention. It includes versatile materials from all the areas of social, economic, cultural, and political life of the municipality. This fund offers the opportunity to easily follow the development of the municipality through time and events.

The Public Library also contributes to the cultural life of Laktasi by organizing literary meetings and promotions of contemporary books, and it also organizes forums on the topical scientific, social, and other themes. It is also the organizer of or participant in the traditional events in Laktasi. In spring, for the Day of the Municipality, together with the Public Institution Center for Culture and Education and the Serbian Educational and Cultural Society (SECS) Prosvjeta (i.e. Education), it organizes Susretanja (i.e. Encounters) – gathering together and promotion of native writers, painters, sculptors, actors, instrumentalists, vocalists, comic-strip artists, and other artists. In summer, before the end of the school year, with the event Biblioteci u pohode (i.e. Visiting the Library), along with the occasional cultural program, it organizes free-of-charge subscription of new little readers. In winter, by the end of December, The Days of the Library are held in token of gratitude to the little and adult readers.

The SECS Prosvjeta and the Cultural and Artistic Society (CAS) Slavko Mandic also give a significant contribution to the cultural life in Laktasi and its environs.

 The CAS Slavko Mandic, in its folklore ensemble, orchestra, ethno-group, and other groups, gathers together over 250 members. It was founded in 1977, and it has had the present name as of 1980. It is one of the most successful ambassadors of culture of its community. It has as many as 60 concerts a year. Only in the past decade, it had guest performances in Greece, Germany, Italy, France, Sweden, Bulgaria, Slovenia, and Spain and, at the International Festival of Folklore in Italy, in 1996, it won the first award.

 zavicajna susretanja 1.JPG